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Monza, Lombardia
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Information about Oana

My passion in life revolves around my classical music training and commitment to instill an appreciation of music in my students.
Beginning in 1999, I have gained diverse experience as a Music Teacher, Concert Pianist and Accompanist in various setting including music schools, concerts and while working in the music production business. Throughout my career, I have successfully provided a high quality music education to young students and advanced musicians, and accompanied singers and instruments for exams, recordings and competitions.
I take pride in my ability to incorporate cooperative learning, multiculturalism, and fieldwork to vary lesson plans, and provide a well-rounded learning experience. What I enjoy most is tailoring lesson plans to meet the student/s diverse needs and capture their interest and imagination. I make every effort to be inspiring, understanding and maintain a well-disciplined learning environment where each student derives enjoyment from learning and the hard work it takes achieve their goal and grow into becoming a successful musician.
I also bring first-rate interpersonal, leadership and communicate skills, which I use to develop relationships and mentorships with students, parents and members of the school and the music community.

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►Inquiry Based Learning ►Whole Group Learning ►Private Lessons
►Multisensory Lessons ►Student Motivation ►Quality Music Programs
►Technology Integration ►Performance Assessment ►Musicianship Skill
►Creative Lesson Plan Development ►Teaching To A Set Curriculum ►Behavior Management

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